Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Where's my long lost editor?

I was sitting daydreaming today. I imagined a scene--like those old movies where people run towards one another. There is a vague person running towards me. I don't know if they are male or female, and could not care less. All I know is, they are my long-lost editor, running to my rescue. We become best pals, sipping a Starbucks Mocha Latte as he/she edits all my work for me, saving me from myself.

Today I did final rewrites and line editing. I finished two chapters. I am REALLY hoping I can knock out two a day and hopefully be finished by next Wednesday. Man, that would be awesome. I am already anxious to write the next, and find an agent.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Dirty Dash

I found a good article I wanted to share. I like using the dash a lot-so, I thought I'd share this link. 

Mad Dash 

Friday, February 15, 2013



This is probably the only except I will share for a while on my nearly complete WIP, and it's from the prologue. I wanted my prologue to be a little dramatic, and dressed with vivid images. Hopefully, I've accomplished that. So, GULP-

© 2013, Traci Flores--aka Traci Vermillion.


 My fiance lies in a crumpled heap, dying in a church tower on a dusty floor. Ironically the same floor I’d been found at the age of six.

Kirick. Forgive me!

My breath pulls in painfully on a sob--steam from the cold visible with the exhale. I can’t control my body,  armored chest heaving, metal skirt clanking with the fear. Blood drips from my arms, down my sword, before making crimson, tear drop splashes onto the clay tiled floor. The monsters in front of me track that blood, licking their lips.

All. My. Fault.

I had wanted Kirick so badly I’d put him in danger before he was even born. What had I been thinking to take such a risk? It’s no excuse that it had happened before I knew who I was, in another life even. I’d been so arrogant and brash. Desperate for the dream I’d seen in his eyes that long ago day--the life we would have--the beauty of his love. I had wanted that so badly, even knowing the awful danger.

I had been warned, shown what the alternate ending could be if I failed. Now, it might lead to our deaths. Kirick, my one true love--my soul mate would die. Pollo and Cass, my best friends would suffer untold agonies, imprisoned for hundreds of years before they are rescued. I’d seen what could happen if I lost--they would all suffer horribly for my selfishness. And, here I am, losing.


Please. Give me strength.

The setting sun makes a glorious appearance through the bell tower windows. It changes the room’s colors into a soft peach and gold. It isn’t awe that sweeps through me at the sight, but dread. The night will give these monsters more strength--and drain mine.

Skin and bones feeling like heavy lead, I struggle, but raise my sword, determined to go down fighting. I give one last plea hoping he hears. 

“Kirick, I love you. Please. Please just live!”

With a war cry, I launch myself forward toward my enemies gnashing teeth and outstretched claws.

The First:

I suppose I should start with an introduction...

I am Traci Vermillion, which is my pen name. I've been an avid reader since the age of thirteen. Harlequin Romance novels are what held my attention, but that led to reading many great works of literature. I lived in the library, and librarians were my teachers. I had many who got to know me, and would recommend the books they liked best. I have very eclectic tastes thanks to them.

I thought I'd blog about my journey along the road, of hopefully becoming a published author. I've tried to write a few along the way, but nothing ever stuck. I think I just needed more life experience.

This blog is to get my head in the game. I'm very nearly finished with a 100,000 word novel, and I know nothing of the industry. I'm hoping this will help me keep up with what goes on in the literary world, in the hopes of completing my goals of finding an agent, and selling.

My current work in progress is going great; I think anyway. :) it started with a dream. Like most dreams, this one featured myself, and my husband. It was so real that I woke up confused that it didn't actually happen. I'm the type that lives in my head; I daydream A LOT, and I started playing what if. I created a Heroine (other than myself) and started adding story elements, and more characters. It is now far from the original dream, but I now have these cast of characters living inside my head that I just can't let go of. With the encouragement of friends, I decided to start writing, and am so excited that this time, it all came together.

Short and sweet. :)